Training spots with pasture board are very limited - our

new facility is only 6 acres - stall board usually available.

Email us for more information or to reserve a spot.

Appaloosa 4yo gelding

client horse in training 90-days

Tennessee Walker 7yo mare

client horse in training 30-days

Our Horsemanship and Training


At Snitker Ranch, we train using Natural Horsemanship methods. Working with a horse's foundations on the ground is the most important part of well-rounded training. This includes teaching respectful ground manners, moving off of pressure, lunging on and off lead, "sacking out", and ground driving all before the rider is in the saddle. Once a horse is quiet and confident on the ground, the training under saddle can begin.

We strive to create a well balanced horse, no matter the discipline. We want our horses to be light in the mouth, give to the bit, collect themselves well, and move primarily off of leg pressure and seat pressure.


Being "gentle" by definition means using the least amount of force necessary. The basic rule of our training is helping the horse learn so that the rider uses least amount of pressure to gain the biggest results.


So, whether you have a wild Mustang that has never been touched, a hot-headed Thoroughbred that cannot mind his manners on the ground, or a lazy trail pony who has developed bad habits, we can help. We have worked with a very wide variety of breeds, ages, and disciplines of horses.


PRICING for training is based on the horse's needs and the length of time the horse is in training. Call or email for a more exact quote.

General (approximate) training prices:

Full care stall board - $850

Partial stall board with turnout during day - $800

Pasture board - $650


We have many options and are flexible based on the horse and owner's individual needs. In certain cases, if you have a horse located within about 60 miles we can come to you to work with you and your horse.


*Pictured on this page are a few examples of previous client horses*



Do you have a horse you would like to be sold but don't have the facilities or the time to sell him for all he could be worth? Bring him to us on consignment for a 30 day (minimum) training refresher.

Step one is an evaluation of your horse, either on your property or during day 1 at the ranch. The evaluation process will determine the amount of time we recommend for training based on the horse's current state as well as an agreed on approximate sale price for the horse.

During training at the ranch we will adverstise your horse for sale and show him to buyers at our facility!

We will work with your horse consistently to be the best he can be (and best price he can be too!), push your horse's info out to buyers through our contacts and advertising sites, show your horse to potential buyers, and keep you informed and involved as much as you would like to be.

Owner must be present and make final sale decision for any sales to take place.


CONSIGNMENT COST: Regular training price will be cut in half for each month the horse is at our farm and when the horse is sold we retain a percentage of what the horse sells for.


Training & consignment references available upon request. We provide daily updates on all client horses in training through write ups, photos, and videos on our Facebook page. 


Quarab 6yo gelding - client horse in training 60-days

Tennessee Walker 11yo mare - client horse in training 30-days

About the Trainers


Owner/Head Trainer: Samara Snitker

Samara is the primary trainer and manager of Snitker Ranch's equine program.


School Background: Graduated from Asbury University in Kentucky with a B.A. degree in Equine Studies, emphasis in Training and Equitation. Also attended John Brown University in Arkansas, before moving to Kentucky, taking classes in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Photography.


Employment Background: Currently working as a freelance graphic designer and marketing manager as: Wild Boutique; Richmond, KY.

Previously worked for Rood & Riddle Equine Pharmacy and Equibase at The Jockey Club in Lexington. Worked for Taylor Made Farm & Sales Agency in Nicholasville, KY and Bluewater Farm in Versailles KY as a full time groom with yearling Thoroughbreds as well as working the Keeneland Sales. Worked as an assistant instructor for Horse Training class at Asbury University; breaking/training of American Mustangs. Worked as Senior Wrangler at Pine Cove Christian Camps in Texas; primary trainer of all incoming ranch horses, incorporating them into the camp equine/cattle program. Worked as a ranch hand and trainer at Berrylane Tennessee Walker Breeding Farm in Arkansas.

Over 15 years of training and riding experience of many different disciplines and breeds.


Certifications & Experience: CCHI Level 2 Riding Instructor, CPR Certified.

Personally had the pleasure of learning from and training with Stacy and Jesse Westfall, Ken McNabb, and Paul Dailey. Have also spoken with and learned from Kim Meeder, Lew Sterrett, Colleen Kelly, and Bodie Dawson. Member of Ken McNabb Ranch Horse Training Program. Member of AQHA, APHA, ApHC, ARHA, and RRP.


"I train and ride with a Natural Horsemanship basis. My personal riding preferences include reining, ranch/cattle work, barrel racing, and western pleasure...I like to find where the horse's heart is. I have a passion for teaching horses and people how to work together."


Owner & Operator of The Craftsman's Place Workshop,

and Secondary Trainer: Benjamin Snitker

Benjamin is a skilled craftsman in the field of woodwork and leatherwork.


School & Employment Background: Attended college for Construction Engineering and Carpentry.

Currently taking client jobs (kitchens, cabinetry, furniture, remodels, etc.) through his personal business The Craftsman's Place. Also working as a finish carpenter for Craftsman's Contractors in Lexington, KY. Previously worked as an historical restoration and finish carpenter for Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, KY. Other previous employment includes carpentry, cabinet making for construction companies in Iowa and hardware specialist at The Home Depot. He grew up working on his family's large dairy farm in Iowa.


Benjamin is known for fine woodworking, restoration, and custom design. He is the creator and owner of The Craftsman's Place where he builds beautiful custom furniture and handcrafted cabinetry. He also makes handmade leathergoods that are all one-of-a-kind including halters, bridles, and other custom tack. Check out our Shop page for more information about his work!

Image Gallery - Training Examples

Quarter Horse 3yo unstarted gelding

client horse in training 30-days

AQHA 5yo unstarted mare

beginning groundwork

APHA 4yo mare

obstacle training and desensitizing

Off-the-track Thoroughbred 4yo gelding

obstacle training - Thoroughbred Makeover 2017

Client horse trail training

Wild Mustang 6yo unhandled gelding

gentling and join-up

Mule 12yo gelding

client mule in training 30-days

AQHA 8yo gelding

client horse in training 60-days

AQHA 10yo gelding

client horse in training 60-days

ApHC 3yo gelding - trail/obstacle training

Kentucky Saddle Horse 14yo gelding

client horse in training 30-days