Winter in the Bluegrass

Jazz has been thoroughly enjoying the mild Kentucky winter. Mid-January temperatures have been wavering between 50 and 65 degrees. The rain and mud that comes along with this is not quite as pleasing for the training process.

This boy's diet consists of a high protein grain twice a day as he transitions from his high energy, high volume grain from the track. He is filling out, gaining fat and topline, with his grain and daily high-quality hay. It is important to us that Jazz's body transitions well off the track so that he is ready mentally and physically for re-training under saddle to begin.

Another aspect of moving a horse from the track to the pleasure world are his hooves. Jazz has had his hooves evaluated regularly since the day he left the track. Retired Thoroughbreds can have a large variety of hoof problems when they leave their racing career due to the changes in exercise and diet. Jazz is barefoot now and our wonderful farrier is keeping his hooves healthy and regularly trimmed. He has had aluminum racing shoes on for the past couple of years and will most likely go into shoes when his training kicks up this summer for the competition. For now his feet are healthy and he is enjoying his life as a pastured horse.

Exciting changes are coming up in our training process. We will be transporting Jazz soon to another facility so that we have constant access to an indoor arena for the remainder of the winter and spring. We are avoiding the rain and mud that comes with the season and beginning groundwork at this new facility on February 1st! Updates to come soon as we continue to get him ready to ride!

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