Our Equine Rescue Fund - Midnight Sky

I am writing this post to introduce an opportunity for interested parties and individuals to help us fund the recovery of rescued equines that come to our farm, Snitker Ranch.

Midnight Sky is an example of a horse that has come to us in need. Sky is a beautiful, 3 year old, 16.3h, off the track Thoroughbred filly. She was rescued by Second Stride in Kentucky and sent to us, a failed racehorse who needed a soft place to land. Our first meeting:

Sky is tender soul who is in need of a second chance. Her racing career consisted of 9 starts, three of which were 1st place finishes, she earned a total of $15,861. Her racing career ended in October 2017 when she injured her front right knee. X-rays show she has at least one chip in her front knee, causing her leg to be bulged and very tender.

She was finished being a racehorse after her injury and had two options... become a broodmare at her young age or be taken in with the hopes of becoming sound again and having a new job. We took her in just 4 days before Christmas to keep her from going out of state to become a broodmare.

Sky is a very kind, gentle giant. She is doing well as we have begun her rehab process at the Ranch. But she limps on her sore front end and cannot fully recover without having surgery done on her knee, possibly on both knees.She will need to go the surgeon at Hagyard Medical Institute for a full evaluation and surgery and then go through several weeks/months of recovery time before she can begin retraining for a new career. Sky's first day with us:

Our desire is to be able to fund surgery for Sky as soon as possible (January 2018). The quicker we can get her into surgery the quicker she can recover. The surgery is projected to cost around $1,500+. Additional funds are needed beyond the surgery cost including: feed/hay and supplements, farrier cost and plenty more as with all rescue horses.

*Update March 2018: Snitker Ranch has funded Sky's surgery and other medical costs from Hagyard Equine Medical who took great care of Sky and who have equipped her body for a chance at a fresh start (over $2,000 medical bill).

After the surgery Sky moved to her foster home with Carly Harling who will be rehabilitating her.

*Update May 2018: Sky and her foster mom Carly will be entering the Race to Repurpose Training Challenge put on by Equine Allies Inc. This training challenge is for rescued and repurposed horses to be started from scratch or retrained in a new discipline (whatever Sky enjoys most). These horses have 100 days to be worked with before showcasing their talent in the Race to Repurpose Show on August 22, 2018 at the Shelby Co. Fairgrounds. This show promotes the usefulness and versatility of rescued equines in Central Kentucky. Snitker Ranch's Samara Snitker will also be show casing their rescued Quarter Horse Robin as their ranch entry for this Training Challenge.We are looking for official sponsorships and any assistance by way of donations in order to pay off Sky's medical expenses and other horses like Sky and Robin who deserve a second chance at a bright future.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Sky's story.

You can donate to our Equine Rescue Fund through the GoFundMe link to the right (in the margins) of this blog post on our website. There is also a link on our homepage.


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