Race to Repurpose Training Challenge 2018

I was selected as a competitor in a NEW training challenge here in Kentucky! The Race to Repurpose Training Challenge put on by

Equine Allies Inc.

What is the Race to Repurpose

Training Challenge???


For 120 days, horsemen and horsewomen (both amateur and professional) work closely with a rescued or repurposed horse to showcase their training skills in the ultimate challenge: to demonstrate repurposing their horse will bring out the best in both of them, while raising awareness about the endless possibilities and partnerships that horses in transition continue to offer."

For ALL information on this event and Equine Allies Inc. visit the website: www.race2repurpose.com!

There are two divisions for competitors to choose from, Retrain or Repurpose:

Retrain division: "This division is regarded as the "restart" division and focuses on reintroducing horses with former jobs to foundational training. ​Horses in the retrain division are expected to have had some prior training, whether that be through an Amish upbringing or as a former pleasure or show horse.

Repurpose division: "The repurpose division is intended to be the "start from scratch" division as it focuses on placing untrained horses on a new path.​ Horses in the repurpose division are considered "un-started". They are assumed to have had no professional training."

RE·PUR·POSE - /rēˈpərpəs/ verb.

to give new meaning to and find a new use for something

I am a part of the Repurpose division and will be working with a horse that has had zero or barely any handling in their life up to this point. I am so excited at this opportunity to choose an unstarted/unhandled horse and help to give that horse a new and bright future. "Repurposing" has always been a passion of mine. Horses are such emotional animals and most have an innate desire to have a job or a purpose in life. No matter what the breed or discipline, I love finding what each horse enjoys and where they can succeed most. The ultimate goal is for the horse to come together with a new lifetime owner, making the lives of both horse and human better.

The finale for this event will be held at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Shelbyville, Kentucky on September 22, 2018! The finale consists of all trainers competing in their divisions and being judged in each of the following classes: Conditioning & Handling, Patterned Horsemanship, Obstacle, and Freestyle. Each horse will also be available for adoption/sale at the competition.

You can follow the progress of our R2R horse's training on our Snitker Stables Facebook page and through #samarar2r2018 #race2repurpose on any social media platform!

"The Race to Repurpose Training Challenge is intended to promote and showcase the inherit value and unmatched potential in each and every horse, regardless of their past. Our goal, and soon to be your goal as well, is to produce a horse with a solid foundation in ground manners that is relaxed and willing to follow cues and commands. We understand that 120 days is not enough to deliver a "finished" horse; however, the hope is to see significant progress."

Thank you Equine Allies for this opportunity!

Samara Snitker

*all green/italicized text is cited from www.race2repurpose.com*

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