Robin's Journey Begins


Loves Red N Ready "Robin" is a five year old registered AQHA mare.

She's came to us about 14.3h, true red dun, underweight, and untrusting of anything that moves too fast or wants to attempt to touch her without her written, pre-screened invitation.

Robin did not have much human contact until her 4yo year and is not quite halter broke and not very catchable now as a 5yo. But with her AQHA papers, a kind eye, and a cute face, she has a lot of potential!

Robin came from a local breeder of great lines. Due to health reason the breeder has been unable to handle the younger horses for the past several years and a few of them over the past few years have been sent to Snitker Stables and other trainers for handling, starting, and rehoming. This girl is one of the older mares who has not been regularly handled or haltered at all until her 5 year old year. This year with some help from friends, we were able to get Robin AQHA registered, coggins pulled, vaccinated, and trailered to Snitker Stables to start the next chapter of her journey

At the beginning of coming to our place she was very weary of being caught, and particularly worried about anything (a halter or hand) around her head and ears. However, once caught she was extremely fond of affection and scratches. She loves being pet and scratched all over (as long as you don't touch the ears). I spent many days just letting her settle in, eat TONS AND TONS of grass, and enjoy being pet every day with nothing else expected of her. She learned humans were nice to be around and whenever she saw a human near she'd run to the fence or come to me when I called to her (and her buddy Smoke) in the field. But, if I moved too quickly she was still jumpy and she was definitely not excited about keeping her feet held up so there was still plenty ahead of us to overcome. A five year old whose hooves had never been trimmed was the biggest issue at this point as she started gaining weight and confidence.


This girl is out of western pleasure champion bloodlines and has full and half siblings who are grand champions in national & world (& youth!) AQHA shows. Robin was officially chosen in May as Snitker Stable's entry for the Race to Repurpose Training Challenge 2018 taking place on September 22 where she will compete and be available for sale. (See our last blog post for more info about the training challenge!) She now has 100 days to go from just being halter broke to being shown and competing under saddle. She will be one of the entries showcasing the adoptability of unstarted, rescued equines here in Kentucky.

Robin is getting bigger and healthier! Her comfort level with me and with the other horses is strengthening. And she is becoming an in-your-pocket pony. She's incredibly friendly and anytime a person is near she comes running and will not leave your side. At this point: she will follow me anywhere, she picks her feet up very well for me (but panics with a farrier still..we're getting there), she is easy to put a halter and fly mask on, she loads into a trailer well, she stands tied, she stands for any grooming, and she's looking pretty good if I do say so myself...

(to be continued...)

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